Anniversary concert

Flautando Köln

“Harmony and virtuosity from the time of Herluf Trolle”

a concert  in celebration of the workshop’s 50th anniversary

Flautando Köln

June 15, 2024, at 3:00 PM
Sct. Peder’s Church, Næstved, Denmark

Ture Bergstrøm’s workshop was founded in 1974, when the manufacturing of the first instrument – a bible regal – began, and when the first load of pearwood was brought from Southern Germany. On this occasion, the workshop invites you to a concert with the renowned recorder quartet Flautando Köln playing recorders from the workshop. In addition, the concert will also include some pieces played by Oliver Hirsh on a bible regal.

Works by Landini, Orlando di Lasso, Ortiz, Casulana, Kotter, among others

Admittance free