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Renaissance Consort Instruments

  Price in €
Sopranino in g" 810
Soprano in c" 950
Treble in g' 980
Treble in f' 980

Tenor in c'

Basset in g 1820
Bass in f 2100
Quartbass in c 2770
Quintbass in B 2990
Octavebass in F 3500


Solo Instruments from the early Baroque

  Price in €
Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen 1110
The Danish Music Museum 2009-3 980
Vienna 8517, sycamore 830
Vienna 8517, boxwood 940
Dean Castle, Kilmarnock 980


Bible Regal

Price on request





When the instrument is finished an invoice will be issued, and the instrument will be sent as soon as payment has been received.

Return policy

  • Normal orders: Regardless of reason, a recorder may be returned within 30 days of receipt. If undamaged, its price will be refunded, minus cost of delivery.
  • Special orders: If an objective fault can be proven in the instrument it is possible to return a recorder or receive a reduction in price.

Service and later adjustments

Adjustment of tuning and voicing is offered free of charge (apart from cost of mailing) during the first year after delivery.



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