Ture Bergstrøms Instrumentbyggeri
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Historical Musical Instruments by Ture Bergstrøm

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After a period working exclusively for the Danish Music Museum, I have resumed the production of historical instruments in my workshop in Næstved, Denmark. I can now again offer Renaissance consort recorders voiced to suit the vocal qualities of the Renaissance music and a variety of early Baroque solo recorders. Also, it is again possible to order a copy of the well-known bible regal in the Danish Music Museum.

Some instruments might even be available for immediate delivery or with a very short delivery time.

Restoration of historical woodwind instruments is carried out to high standards with a thorough documentation.


Renaissance recorders
Consort instruments
Early Baroque recorders
Van Eyck recorders
Bible regals

Ture BergstrømAbout me:

I graduated 1973 as an M.A. in music and B.Sc. in mathematics. Detailed studies of extant historical instruments provided the basis for establishing the workshop in 1974. Parallel with my work as instrument maker I have been active as a teacher at numerous courses of early music in Germany and Denmark, with the subjects Renaissance consort music and recorder ensemble playing. In the years 2001-2015 I have been employed as a curator by The Danish Music Museum, Copenhagen, where my main duties were collection management, documentation and research.

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