The Recorder Home Page
This home page made by Nicholas S. Lander is a must for all recorder players, makers and researchers. It lists makers, articles, composers, players, repertoire, recordings and much more.

Music Newborn - Oliver Hirsh
Concerts, workshops, and courses in Denmark and Germany offered by the experienced musician and music teacher Oliver Hirsh. Subject: Music of the Renaissance and early Baroque.

Helikon Records
Recordings with early Danish music, music with Danish musicians and ensembles, organ music and much more.

The Early Music Shop
Here you can order almost every kind of instrument for early music. Very useful is their list of used instruments.

Schäfers Musikladen and Cornetto-Verlag, Stuttgart.
This shop has a variety of instruments for early music and you might even be lucky to find some Ture Bergstrøm instruments in stock. You will find an amazingly large selection of facsimile prints by the Cornetto Verlag. This music is not available elsewhere.

Flautando Köln
This German recorder quartet uses a full Ture Bergstrøm recorder consort in their numerous concerts and on their two CDs released in 1999 and 2000. They play with a very nice combination of virtuosity and expression. See also the
list of recordings on this web site.

Flauto Dolce
A Swedish recorder quintet playing in a very lively and well-articulated style. They often use Ture Bergstrøm recorders in concert and on records. See also the
list of recordings on this web site.

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
This unique ensemble has played on a consort of Ture Bergstrøm instruments for some recordings, f.ex. the records "Virtuoso Recorder Music", "Baroque Recorder Music" and "Italian Recorder Music". See also the
list of recordings on this web site.

The Galpin Society Journal
The most important journal for researchers in the early music field.

This company makes an excellent software for technical drawings of any kind of musical instruments.

The Danish Music Museum (Musikhistorisk Museum og Carl Claudius' Samling)
The Danish collection of musical instruments. One original Renaissance recorder by the Schnitzer family of Nürnberg, some interesting Baroque woodwind instruments. The model for the bible regal is found here, too.

De gule sider
A good place to find telephone numbers and addresses in Denmark.

Tidlig Musik i Danmark
The Early Music Association in Denmark.


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